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Podcasting generates a never ending stream of great ideas and content, but lack of audience targeting, non-existent ad marketplaces, and insufficient tracking data make monetization difficult. Most platforms are solving for only one or two of these challenges. Mouth Player is a comprehensive podcasting platform, addressing the lack of technology and tools needed to take podcasts to the next level.

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A podcasting platform for listeners, advertisers, and producers:

Audience Targeting

Mouth Player provides full engagement data, detailing how listeners interact with podcast content for better and more relevant advertising opportunity. Our demographic data goes even further, providing the insight into audience targeting previously unavailable in podcast digital advertising. Advanced audience data enables you understand and target podcast listeners with more relevant content than ever before.

Show Monetization

Mouth Player is designed to expand the monetization opportunities for podcast producers. Our tool kit for monetization that exceeds the current capabilities in the market. With advanced audience targeting you’re able to maximize your content and listeners effectively. Build or expand the business side of your show with simple tools.

User Experience

Mouth Player creates a better and more engaging listening experience for users. Our podcast discovery enables listeners to get access and recommendation to more content quickly and easily. Mouth Player focuses on listener tools such as bookmarking, annotations, social sharing, and more, helping users to get the most out of their listening experience.

Partner with Mouth

1. Produce a show? Sign up here to be included in our player. We support all other hosting platforms.

2. Have a podcast network? Let’s talk about how you can add the Mouth Player to your monetization tools:

 Have a podcast technology? Contact us at to see how we can work together.


Better listening • Better advertising

Better monetization

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